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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Misunderstanding Of Durga Pooja

To dispell any notion that Guru Ji in any way worshipped the devi, which is propogated by many with hidden agendas,One must go through the Glimpses Of GURU GOBIND SINGH SAHIB JI ..........

After the battle of Bhangani in 1686 where Guru Ji defeated the forces of the hill rajas under the command of Raja Bhim Chand , Guru ji returned to Anandpur Sahib. Due to the threat of the hill chieftains martial preparations began in earnest - recruitment and training of Sikh solders, building of forts, collection of arms and materials.

Some devious brahmins thought of blackmailing Guru Ji by suggesting that he should go for worship of the goddess Durga in order to invoke her blessings for future battles. After hearing them patiently, "Guru Ji told them that he relied for his protection on Akal Purkh, the Great Time spirit and Primeval Energy" which he also called 'Maha Kal', 'Pritham Bhagauti' and 'Kalka-Chandika' in his writings, but if they could produce that Primeval Energy in any other visible form, then he would consider their request. Gur Ji offered to provide them with the necessary materials and also pay them the money, for which they were actually making the proposal. Their leader, Kashav Das, promised that he would reveal the goddess by reciting the 'Chandi mantra' one lakh times, but Guru Ji would have to put up one lakh ahuti(offerings) and observe complete celibacy. Guru Ji replied that after the birth of his fourth son he had already taken a vow of celibacy and that he would arrange to provide him with what ever materials he needed. It is recorded that Pandit Kashev Das experimented with the sacrificial fire for many months on top of the Naina Devi hill next to Anandpur Sahib. Guru Ji would occasionally climb the hill to watch what was going on. The rest of the time he would spend on the banks of the river Sutlej, writing compositions that can now be found in the Dasam Granth

One day Guru Ji went to see the Pandit and asked him why the goddess had not appeared. Kashav replied that the time was fast approaching but that what was needed was a celebatarian of high caste to be offered as a sacrifice. Guru Ji was amused by this request and promptly told the Pandit that since he had also observed celibacy during this period there would be no better person then him for the sacrifice. Sensing danger he had unwittingly invited, he made his escape in the early hours of the morning. 

Guru Ji anticipated the result of Kashev Das' experiment, he thought it futile to be associated with it any longer and dumped the remaining material into the fire and hastened down the hill with a glistening sword in hand and resplendent glory on his face. When in the early hours of the morning the people saw the flames going up in the sky they thought that the goddess had appeared. 

Guru Ji associated himself with the ceremony only for the sake of exposing the brahminical faith in such ceremonies and confirming the conviction of the Sikhs to worship the one Timeless Lord .

" Thou, O All Steel Sword are the symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Bhawani.
Thou represent Ambika, who wears beads of human skulls and is the destroyer of evil spirits.
Thou are the destroyer of the wicked and are the merciful benefactor of the suffering humanity.
* Dasam Granth.

This Myth of many people can also be made cleared by going through any of the compositions composed by Guru Sahib Ji. A good starting point is Guru Sahib Ji's semi autobiography, Bachittar Natak. Guru Sahib Ji says that the Almighty summoned him and said :
" I have appointed thee as my son and have created thee to propogate the Panth, spread Dharam (righteousness) and forbid the people from unwise acts.
The Panth will spread with Thine assistance. (Guru Ji replied)
For this reason the Lord sent me and I was born in this world. Whatever the Lord has spoken to me, I am saying the same to you. "

* Bachittar Natak

Bhulan Chukan Di Khima Karni Ji !!


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