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Thursday, September 16, 2010

GATKA --- Sikh Martial Art

GATKA is a weapon-based Sikh Martial Art.

The punjabi word "Gatka" refers to the wooden stick used in sparring matches.

Gatka has been derived from GAT meaning grace, liberation, and respect in one's own power & KA meaning someone who belongs to or is part of a group. Gatka therefore translates as "one whose freedom belongs to grace".

It is an art by which one becomes extremely graceful and brings dignity, divinity, grace and self defence but it requires time, commitment and practise.

But today this is vanishing from our culture. We have to save this culture & encourage our youth to learn & practise GATKA more & more.

Dal Khalsa Group tried to Promote this & Performed at INDIA'S GOT TALENT-2. We must also encourage the efforts of such groups. Our Gurudwara Sahib & Panthic Committees must come forward to promote this Sikh Martial Art.

BIR KHALSA GROUP has entered the FINALS...... To bring them to Finals, plz VOTE much more in FINALS........ Hats Off to Dal Khalsa Group !!

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